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Museum Store

Our museum store can be found on Bryggen. Bryggen is facing the habour.

Tailor-made gifts

The museum, Bryggen and the sea - this is the store's main theme. We are proud to offer bespoke goods and gifts; goods that evoke memories and provide memories after great experiences. Maybe they can also spread knowledge and joy?

The gift items are carefully selected to build on the history and thought the museum wants to convey. Many of the products are developed by the museum itself. You will find products with both patterns and other affiliations with Bryggen and the Hanseatic League.

You will find art, textiles, books, interior and design items, utensils, gifts and postcards. Many of the products can only be found in our store.

You can also buy tickets and guided tours of the museum in the store.

By shopping in our store, you are also helping to support the museum's work!

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    Silje Katrine Robinson / Stiftelsen Museum Vest
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    Silje Katrine Robinson / Stiftelsen Museum Vest
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    Silje Katrine Robinson / Stiftelsen Museum Vest
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    Stiftelsen Museum Vest / Silje Katrine Robinson
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