Guided tours from Midthuset to Schøtstuene

Let our guides take you back in time through the narrow passageways at the UNESCO world Heritage site Bryggen. Walk in the footsteps of the Hanseats and get a unique insight in the fascinating history.

Daily guided tours

 Our daily guided tours start at Midthuset where you purchase your ticket and get an introduction to the Hanseatic history. From here, we guide you through the UNESCO World Heritage site Bryggen before we end up at the exhibition site Schøtstuene. At Midthuset you will find a charming gift shop.

The guided tours from Midthuset have a duration of 30-45 minutes and occur several times daily and in several languages: 

8.5.-14.6.: English, Norwegian (+possibly in German, French and Spanish)
15.6.-15.8.: English, Norwegian, German, French and Spanish
16.8.-30.9.: English, Norwegian (+possibly in German, French and Spanish)