Daily guided tours at Schøtstuene and Bryggen

What do you really know about the Hanseatic period? Our tours give you a unique insight into the merchant’s everyday life and work at Bryggen. Learn about the story of Bryggen and the German merchants that made Bergen a European trading hub!

This fall we offer two different tours, both in English: 

Daily guided tours: Schøtstuene – Bryggen - Midthuset
Starting October 1st, we offer daily guided tours in the footsteps of the Hanseatic merchants. The tour starts at Schøtstuene, the last Hanseatic assembly rooms in the world, and continues through the narrow passageways of the UNESCO World Heritage site Bryggen. The tour ends at Midthuset (English: the house in the middle), where you can explore our museum shop. Experience Bryggen in a new way and learn more about life here over 500 years ago!

- Time: Daily, at 3pm/15:00
- Duration: Approx. 40 minutes.

Continuous 15-minute guided tours of Schøtstuene
Joining our guided tours before exploring the beautiful Schøtstuene on your own, undoubtably adds to your museum experience! Be fascinated by the history, admire the interior and art, and explore the fire houses that were used to prepare food. Sound installations with Hanseatic languages and scent-boxes that recreate the smells of the fire houses in the Middle Ages, give you a sense of the atmosphere in what was once the main Hanseatic meeting place.

- Time: Daily, on the hour and half-hour
- Duration: 15.min